Trick, Treat, and Destroy in Costume Quest 2

For a developer with as devoted a fan base as that of Double Fine, the fact that a follow-up to 2010’s Costume Quest is among fans’ most requested sequels says quite a bit. Well, all that pleading has apparently paid off: This week saw the release of Costume Quest 2 for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Players once again take control of twins Reynold and Wren as they head out for some trick-or-treating, fighting evil Grubbins in Halloween costumes that give them superhuman powers. It’s once again a turn-based RPG-style experience, full of Double Fine’s trademark characters, environments, and humor. This time around, the adventure takes place in the suburbs of Louisiana, and a brand-new lighting engine amps up the spooky Halloween mood significantly.

For the sequel, Double Fine is also improving some of the first game’s mechanics.. The original Costume Quest’s battle system has been bolstered with attack combos, as well as revisions to the timing attacks. You must now hit the action button just as your character strikes, as is also the case with defending against enemy attacks. If you nail the timing, you get the opportunity to unleash follow-up attacks. Your party’s health won’t automatically regenerate after battles, either; you’ll have to find water fountains to replenish hit points (between battles, you can also find and destroy hidden pinãtas stuffed with candy). Finally, Double Fine is adding cards that you can use to enhance abilities in battle, adding a whole new dimension to the festivities.

There will also, of course, be a wider variety of costumes to don. Some old fan-favorites return, as well as the new Clown, Superhero, Pterodactyl, and Candy Corn costumes. The Clown is essentially a healer, with the ability to replenish the hit points of his or her teammates with a move called Laughter Is the Best Medicine. The warrior-like Superhero can throw a bus for an area-clearing attack, and the Candy Corn does absolutely nothing (it is, after all, candy corn).

If you loved the original Costume Quest, you’re going to love the sequel even more. And if you’ve never played the original but love two of the following three things – Double Fine, Halloween, and/or turn-based RPGs – it’s a guaranteed win.