Evolve: Which Class Is Right for You?

In 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios’ all-new Xbox One shooter Evolve, it’s all about working as a team to defeat enormous, destructive monsters that will stomp, incinerate, slice, and crush (and that’s just getting started) your puny body. But to be a good teammate, you’ve got to know what role you’re playing. So let’s break down the four classes in Evolve and see which one best fits your play style.


If you’re all about attacking, then Assault is definitely your type. Characters in the Assault class are built to destroy, and carry the intense firepower necessary to go toe-to-toe with the massive beasts you’ll be facing.

Huge weapons like combat shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers pair well with special abilities add to your damage dealing capabilities. Whether it’s a boost to your firepower or an additional weapon like arc mines, you’ll always be dishing out hurt. The Assault character is generally going to be the main damage dealer against the monsters in Evolve, so be ready to go all-in.


Trappers are your source for hunting down and containing the monster. You’ll need a Trapper to find the beast in the first place – and a good Trapper will keep the monster from getting too far away (thus denying it the time it needs to grow and level up).

Trappers use varying methods for tracking their prey. They can use tracking darts to tag the monster (or its food), and an actual alien dog beast that operates as a bloodhound. You can bet the Trapper will be the first to find that wily monster.


Medics might sound like a straightforward class, not to mention a very necessary one when it comes to monster-hunting. But you might be surprised about the nuances of making sure your teammates don’t die, or maybe just don’t stay dead.

Each Medic character has their own unique way of keeping the rest of the team healthy. From grenade launchers that shoot healing canisters, to guns that revives teammates from the dead, Medics keep the rest of the team alive long enough to kick giant monster ass.


The Support class is the most unique of the four, and also one of the more interesting, for those who like to be real team players. Support is all about helping the rest of the team perform better – and dealing a hefty amount of damage on the side.

Support characters can boost the team’s firepower, cloak everyone in invisibility, or rain down a barrage of missiles from a satellite. They operate as a booster for the other three classes, and they’re a unique (and vital) part of any Evolve team.

We encourage you to try each class for yourself, but you’ll definitely want to find the one that suits you, and level that class up ASAP. Completing challenges in each class helps earn you additional characters, each with their own unique moves. So get out there and kill some monsters!