Create, Ride and Destroy in the ScreamRide demo tonight

ScreamRide crashes onto Xbox in two weeks, and if the above launch trailer has you curious to see just what happens when you hurl pods full of explosives at buildings or build terrifying coasters, you can actually start creating and destroying because the ScreamRide demo launches on Xbox Live starting at midnight tonight. 

Available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, you can try out each of the three career modes in the free demo (the full game features over 50 levels in the campaign plus a robust level creation editor). Want to test your awesome twitch action gameplay skills by steering a coaster car directly through crazy mazes? Then strap yourself in the cockpit as a ScreamRider and ride a coaster through the labyrinth of twists and turns. For a change of pace, you can play as the Engineer and strategically plan how to build the best coasters with the provided tools. Finally, once you’ve mastered riding and creating, tear it all down by playing as the Demolition Expert, where you skillfully fling pods for maximum screams and destruction.

Already available for pre-order in stores, ScreamRide’s digital pre-order and pre-download also go live today.  As you prepare for launch beginning March 3
rd, use the demo as practice on your way to becoming a five-star-earning ScreamRider, Engineer and Demolition Expert, earning as many screams as you can!