Video For 5 Things We’re Loving About Mortal Kombat X

5 Things We’re Loving About Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is finally here, and the Xbox One is now 10 times bloodier because of it. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel to 2011’s epic reboot of the series, and Mortal Kombat X delivers with insane combos, interactive stages, and – of course – over-the-top Fatalities. Here’s some of the awesome new content we’ve been loving about Mortal Kombat X.

There’s a Huge, Epic Story Mode
One of our favorite things about 2011’s Mortal Kombat was the huge, sprawling time travel story that retconned Mortal Kombat history and set the series on a new path. So how does developer NetherRealm Studios follow up on something that big? By making a story mode that spans multiple decades… and features two generations of Mortal Kombat characters.

Keeping it in the Family
The roster for Mortal Kombat X is huge, and features a ton of new characters, most of whom appear to be related to some classic Mortal Kombat favorites. The new generation of MK fighters, consisting off offspring and younger cousins, adds a weird-but-cool element to the game. Cassie Cage, in particular, is an amalgamation of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade’s fighting styles, and is really fun to play because of it.

Factions Add a Purpose to Online Mode
When you start Mortal Kombat X, you declare your allegiance to a faction, based around the groups fighting for control in the story. You can choose between Sub-Zero’s Lin Kuei clan, Kano’s Black Dragon, the Special Forces, and more. By completing tasks in-game, like performing a certain number of Fatalities, you earn points for your faction – and potentially rewards for yourself. Oh, and each faction has two unique Fatalities, to add even more bloody incentive.

Five-on-Five Matches Means We Don’t Have to Carry All the Weight
In 5v5 matches, five players face off in one-on-one matches against five other players. It’s a best-of-five scenario where you’re in a team, but without the risk of losing it if you’re having an off-night.

The Living Tower Keeps Mortal Kombat… Alive

The Living Tower is a battle tower mode in Mortal Kombat where new towers and challenges pop up at different times. Some are hourly, or daily, while other stay for longer. The towers have different rules and modifiers, like health boosts dropping randomly, or the stage getting flipped upside down. Beating these living towers earns you a ton of points that can be used to unlock bonus content in Mortal Kombat X.

There’s so much more that we’re loving about Mortal Kombat X: the return of Brutalities; horror film icon Jason Voorhees as a downloadable bonus character; the somehow-even-more-gruesome X-Ray attacks; the multiple fighting stances each character can use. Mortal Kombat X – now available for Xbox One – is full of amazing content for you to laugh at and squirm over.