Get Behind the Wheel of Batman: Arkham Knight’s Amazingly Sweet Batmobile

Batman: Arkham Knight represents something of a return to form for Warner Bros. Interactive’s beloved franchise, with developer Rocksteady Studios back at the helm. Among other things, the game integrates the Batmobile in grand fashion, with a sleek, futuristic design accompanying the long-awaited debut of Batman’s dynamic and multifaceted vehicle. Arkham Knight integrates the Batmobile into gameplay via two distinct modes, providing it with a relevance beyond what we’ve seen in the series to date.

The first of these modes is called Pursuit, whereby players can engage the Batmobile’s afterburners at any time, and jump to different parts of a level. Battle mode, alternatively, is handy in tight spaces – it’s great for shooting, dodging, and generally kicking all manner of evildoer butt. The Batmobile transforms between these two states with the touch of a button, and levels are designed so that players are compelled to use both.

Behind the wheel of the Batmobile, you’ll take on everything from tanks to armored vehicles… and everything else the villainous Arkham Knight has up his sleeve. In addition to firing up the Batmobile’s standard cannons, you’ll be able to charge up a space-clearing power shot. The Batmobile is also incredibly agile, with the ability to instantaneously and precisely strafe, to effectively dodge enemy fire (and circumnavigate its own). The Batmobile also has a riot suppression shot that knocks out multiple enemies, because lethally shooting civilians (even extremely evil ones) with your tricked out vehicle would be so very un-Batman.

The Batmobile can smash through nearly any obstacle that Gotham City’s road throws at it, blow holes in walls, and follow convenient arrows to whatever waypoints you set. Oh, and it can fire a power winch into the side of a building… and then drive straight up the side of it. By providing you with the same sort of immediate flexibility and agility that Batman himself has, the vehicle becomes an indispensable option on Gotham’s mean streets. You can drive the Batmobile onto narrow rooftops, hop from one to the next, and maneuver easily around tight corners. You can even use the Batmobile to launch yourself high into the air, then glide for miles and land directly back into the driver’s seat.

Given that Gotham City is around five times larger than it was in previous Arkham games, you’ll be happy to have such well-mannered wheels at your disposal. Get behind the wheel now – Batman: Arkham Knight is now available on Xbox One. Happy driving, Batman!