Our Favorite Windows 10 Games to Play with an Xbox One Controller

Thinking of transitioning over to Windows 10 for a few games, but don’t want to pry your grubby mitts from the warmth of your Xbox One controller? Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of some cool titles playable on Windows 10 that are 100% natively compatible with the Xbox One controller, so you’ll never even have to touch that scary keyboard. Perish the thought!

First things first: You’ll need your Xbox One controller’s USB cable. Plug the cable into any USB port on your PC, and Windows 10 will install it automatically. It’s that simple! Now check out these five bad boys, which are just a small sampling of the many Windows 10-compatible PC games that are best played with a controller.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

You can get the full depth of this amazing role-playing game by combining the power and beauty of a Windows 10 PC and the convenience of an Xbox One controller. Heck, it was even designed with a controller in mind. Just make sure you’re in for the long haul – because once you get sucked in, you might not even find yourself leaving the comfort of your PC chair for the next… oh, 200 hours or so.

Don’t Starve Together

Although mouse-and-keyboard controls were originally in the plan for Don’t Starve, the multiplayer update – Don’t Starve Together – works really, really well with the Xbox One controller. It’s a tense survival game that finds you navigating a hostile wilderness, and trying to… well, not starve.

Just Cause 2 (with Multiplayer Mod)

While the single-player awesomeness of the over-the-top action-shooter extravaganza Just Cause 2 is available on Xbox 360, if you want to experience the truly over-the-top badassery of the Multiplayer Mod, you’ll need to park your butt at your Windows 10 PC. Just Cause 2 is one of our favorite game to play with a controller… and the Xbox One controller is the best controller there is! Boom!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This Metal Gear Solid hack-‘n’-slash spin-off (courtesy of Bayonetta developer Platinum Games) was released during the Xbox 360 days, so Windows 10 gives you your best chance to see it running with some seriously smooth, top-quality graphics. And, of course, the game’s unique, over-the-top dismemberments are even cooler (and easier to pull off) thanks to the Xbox One controller. What’s not to like?


While Trine 2 is available for Xbox 360, the original game is still PC-only, and it’s still a very charming experience that’s eminently worth playing. Windows 10 is your chance to play this absolutely beautiful – and extremely entertaining – cooperative platforming extravaganza, with the ease and convenience of an Xbox One controller. And don’t forget to bring a friend for some sweet local co-op play: You can plug in multiple Xbox One controllers into multiple USB ports on your PC!

This, of course, is just a small taste of all the memorable gaming experiences that Windows 10 and the Xbox One controller have in store for you. Have fun, and keep your eyes on Xbox Wire for more suggestions on what to play on Windows 10!