Xbox and Crystal Dynamics Announce Second Rise Of The Tomb Raider Poster

To celebrate gamescom, Xbox and Crystal Dynamics are thrilled to announce the second Rise of the Tomb Raider poster in a 4-part limited edition series announced at San Diego Comic Con in July. Designed by the award winning London design studio, La Boca, the poster celebrates Lara Croft as she ascends to her destiny as the Tomb Raider and highlights the next unique theme within the highly anticipated title – tombs.

“We tried to follow a similar process we undertake when working on movie poster,” said Scot Bendall, Co-founder and Creative Director of La Boca while speaking to the process for creating the final design of the poster.  “Trying to find the essence of the story without being too descriptive, we always try to present an image in the simplest way possible.”

Looking specifically at his inspirations and interpretation of tombs within the poster, Bendall explains, “We wanted the poster to have a feel of being underground, discovering something wondrous. Exploring and uncovering a hidden place for the first time in centuries.”