Video For Kerbal Space Program Hurtles Onto Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program Hurtles Onto Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program – a spaceship construction and flight simulator by developer Squad – was a pretty big deal when it came to Windows PC earlier this year. And pretty soon, you’ll have your chance to get in on the fun on Xbox One. Check out the above trailer for the game!

It initially
looks like a pretty wacky game: A bunch of small green vaguely humanoid creatures – the titular Kerbals – have built the Kerbal Space Center, a fully operational spaceport designed to let them build the vehicles that will take them from their Earth-like planet to the stars. But beyond the initial cuteness, you’ll find a deep engineering and physics simulator that empowers you to build structurally sound spaceships and rockets, and send them hurtling… well, into the vast reaches of space, wherever you want to go.

Kerbal Space Program
’s physics model is so realistic that actual rocket scientists from NASA and SpaceX have taken an interest in it – and in most cases, the math and the science check out pretty well when you’re trying to engineer a safe, space-worthy ship. And once you successfully launch into orbit (which is a serious challenge all on its own), you can attempt to reach and explore a number of planets, and then get your brave Kerbals home safely. Once you get into it and start to learn how everything works, Kerbal Space Program is an engrossing spaceship simulator dressed up in a fun, colorful theme.

Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming release of
Kerbal Space Program on Xbox One – if you’re a fan of science, space, or enthralling physics simulators, you won’t want to miss this one!