5 Reasons We’re Loving FIFA 16

FIFA 16, the world’s favorite sports game, is finally here! More realistic, more feature-packed, and more robust than ever, this just might be the best FIFA game yet. We’ve been spending a lot of quality time out on the pitch, checking out everything FIFA 16 has to offer. From learning how to be successful close to the goal (thanks to the great new FIFA Trainer) to taking some of the world’s fresh new stars for a spin, we’ve been having a blast. So why not break down some of the reasons we’re loving this year’s FIFA so far?

1) FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is Bite-sized Fun
FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in the game – but it takes a lot of time and commitment to getting your squad up. Sometimes, you just want a taste of glory, and that’s where FUT Draft comes it. Build a squad on the fly, and take them on a four-game challenge against A.I. or other players. Best of all: You earn FUT rewards for playing the mode!

2) Career Mode Adds Long-awaited New Features
Two of the most community requested features have been added to FIFA’s Career Mode: pre-season tournaments and player training. Pre-season tourneys give you more opportunities to earn prestige for your team, score some money, and upgrade your created player. And player training lets you train up your whole squad, improving the parts that make them vital to the team.
3) New Broadcast Package Brings Bundesliga to Life
Bundesliga, the world-renowned German football league, gets the same authentic treatment that Premier League has in FIFA 16. It updates graphics and starheads, and includes over 900 authentic chants recorded from actual matches. So when you’re in an intense rivalry match between Schalke and Dortmund, it feels like you’re watching an actual broadcast!

4) Women’s National Teams
One of the few sports games to offer women’s teams, FIFA 16 brings 12 Women’s National Teams to the game. You can play Match Day events, as well as tournaments – both online and off – against other Women’s National Teams. Recreate some of your favorite match-ups from the Women’s World Cup!

5) New Stadiums to Dominate

FIFA 16 adds nine new stadiums to the roster, bringing the stadium total up to 10 licensed and 28 generic stadiums. Chances are, your favorite team’s stadium is in here – and for American fans, that chance is even higher now that the Seattle Sounders’ CenturyLink Field has finally joined the game. Sounders ’til we die!

FIFA 16 is out now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. For gamers who haven’t upgraded to Xbox One, but want the ultimate FIFA 16 experience, there’s also the Xbox One 1TB and 500GB EA Sports FIFA 16 Bundles which are also available now. Hit the pitch, and challenge your friend to a Seasons tourney. Grab some FUT packs and build your ultimate squad. Or just kick around in some friendlies. All that – and more – awaits you in FIFA 16.