Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
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Game Description: Assume the role of Kelly during her drive through the storm in Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition. While driving through a stylized representation of rural Nebraska, players navigate an extended conversation between Kelly and her parents and younger brother. Through dialogue choice and simple driving mechanics, this critically-acclaimed visual short story explores a specific moment of these characters’ lives and their relationships with one another. The Extended Edition of Three Fourths Home includes an epilogue that expands on the story of the main game. Set at a bus stop in snowy Minnesota, this epilogue examines Kelly’s past as well as the effects that the events of the main story have had on her.

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Product Info:
Developer: [bracket]games
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Website: Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
Twitter: @bracket_games