New Xbox One Experience background PSD template

Click here to download New Xbox One Experience PSD template 7 MB ZIP file

The option to use a custom image for your Xbox One background has been available for quite some time, but now that the New Xbox One Experience is out, you might find its time to update your existing background. I asked the Xbox design team to create a Photoshop .psd template so you can easily create your own great looking custom made backgrounds for your Xbox One.

You can download the .PSD here (7 MB Zip File) 

Here is a refresher on how to set your own custom background.

If you make a great background, share it! Drop a link into the comments below for others to download and try. (All posts w/ links are automatically added to the moderation queue. I’ll do my best to get them approved within 24 hours.)

Check out this subreddit for Xbox One Backgrounds.

I am providing this template as a community service. It’s not officially supported (don’t call Xbox Support for help.) If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below and one of our community members may give you a hand.