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The Planets of Star Wars Battlefront (…That Aren’t Hoth)

If you’re a “Star Wars” fan, then you’re likely excited for Star Wars Battlefront, EA and DICE’s all-new multiplayer shooter based on the beloved film franchise. Most of the game’s early footage and beta content has been focused on Hoth – the snowy, trench-lined planet that played a pivotal role in “The Empire Strikes Back.” But there’s a lot more to Battlefront than just snow: Check out some of the other planets you can explore in the fight between the Rebels and the Empire.


The forest moon of Endor is a lush, foliage-heavy environment, made iconic in “Return of the Jedi.” And while you won’t be playing as the cuddly, fuzzy Ewoks, you can recreate epic fights between the Rebels and Empire in their home. The Ewok presence is felt in the treetop village, which offers snipers some pretty perfect vantage points. One of the coolest things about Endor is the lightning-fast speeder bikes: You can hop onto one and weave through the legs of an AT-ST walker as you shoot down enemy riders who are speeding through the forest. Many iconic locations from “Return of the Jedi” become the stages for your battles, like the shield generator that Han and Leia blew up in the film.


Sullust is a harsh, volcanic planet that “Star Wars” super-fans may be familiar with, but it’s likely new to many of you out there. For reference, the planet’s inhabitants – Sullustans, naturally – are those frog-faced aliens, most prominently seen as Lando’s co-pilot Nien Nunb in the end of “Return of the Jedi.” Home to an Imperial weapons factory, Sullust is the stage for Battlefront’s aerial X-Wing vs TIE Fighter dogfights. But the battle doesn’t stay in the air; players can drop down to the rocky, unforgiving surface to battle it out in different modes, inside and around the factory. Deadly Magma Troopers, Shadow Troopers, and heavy firepower make Sullust one of Battlefront’s more explosive planets.


The home of Luke Skywalker, podracing, and Jabba the Hutt – not to mention one of the most iconic planets in the “Star Wars” universe – Tatooine has been featured in nearly every film of the saga. Heroes and Villains mode is a perfect opportunity to don the armor of Boba Fett, and hopefully not fall into a Sarlaac pit (although you can totally do that, and it’s awesome). Massive Jawa sandcrawlers, harsh open deserts, Tusken raider villages, and rocky canyons make up the set pieces for Tatooine.


Another planet that may be unfamiliar to some, Jakku is actually the desert planet seen in the trailers for the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Jakku marks the first downloadable content pack for Battlefront, available free for all players on December 8 – just a few short days before the film comes out. The Battle of Jakku offer glimpses into what happens between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens.” Beyond that, it’s still pretty mysterious… but keep your eyes on Xbox Wire for more on Jakku in the coming weeks.

Star Wars Battlefront is out now on Xbox One and Windows PC. Step into the shoes of your favorite heroes and villains – or join the Rebels or Empire to battle it out in game modes from eight to 40 players. May the Force be with you!