Monkey Ear, Monkey Year Console

Check out These One-of-a-Kind Xbox One Designs Created to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Xbox worked with local artists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to help ring in the Year of the Monkey. This collaboration resulted in eight one-of-a-kind themed Xbox One consoles that capture the essence of the Lunar New Year.

From stylistic decaling to a full-on monkey-themed Xbox Ones, the designers truly let their imaginations run wild to create some of the most unique consoles we’ve ever seen. More impressively, the hand-picked local artists conceptualized, designed and fabricated their creations in a short period of only one month.

While you won’t be able to purchase these purely-decorative Xbox One consoles at local retailers, we hope you enjoy checking out the unique designs and the stories behind them. Happy Lunar New Year!

Monkey Ear, Monkey Year Console

Monkey Ear, Monkey Year by Kevin Chou, Taiwan- It’s the Year of the Monkey and now there’s a console to match. Crafted by Kevin Chou, the console is decorated with a tail and two ears, symbolizing the concept of “reunion,” an important part of the Lunar New Year spirit. And yes, the console has its very own “banana” controller.

Gold Sand Ingot Console

Golden Sand Ingot by Song-Kuan Wang, Taiwan– Symbolic and traditional, yet trendy with its glittering gold controller, designer Song-Kuan Wang’s Xbox One features a number of gold ingots that symbolize endless fortune.

Good Fortune Monkeys Console

Good Fortune Monkeys by Tzu-Yu Chao and Chang-Yi Ho, Taiwan– Made entirely out of toy building bricks, this Xbox One design symbolizes good fortune and everlasting joy. A pair of monkeys present the peaches of immortality while fireworks and lanterns highlight both a celebrative New Year atmosphere and wishes of infinite happiness. The monkeys even spin around!

What the Luck Console

What the Luck by Jan Curious, Hong Kong– Singer and designer Jan Curios drew inspiration for the design from the Yin Yang, the two opposing principles in Chinese culture. The black and white colors represent the sky and the ground. With this design, the artist wishes happiness in the New Year.

Monkey Mountain Console

Monkey Mountain by Graphic Airlines, Hong Kong- Why bring your Xbox One to Monkey Mountain when you can bring Monkey Mountain to your Xbox One? Creative street art duo Graphic Airlines recreated the popular Hong Kong locale in homage to the Year of the Monkey.

CandyBox One Console

Candy-box One by Ar To, Hong Kong- Candy brings joy. Xbox One brings more joy. Put them together and you’re set for a good time. That was the thinking behind designer Ar To’s especially sweet console idea. Inside the box sits a very chocolaty Xbox One Wireless Controller. Don’t worry, it won’t melt in your hand.

Big Fortune Console

Big Fortune by Zoie Lam, Hong Kong– Hong Kong fashion designer Zoie Lam’s design features an image of the Panama orange, a symbol of good fortune during the New Year. The orange is depicted as square, representing a wish to shake up tradition and break old rules in favor of fresh, new beginnings in the New Year.

The Forbidden X Console

 The Forbidden X by Cay Kou, China- Visual Artist Cay Kou’s inspiration for this design came straight from the beautiful architecture, carvings and paintings of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Made out of wood and propylene, the design visualizes the tension between power and limits—the perfect motivation for those extra competitive multiplayer sessions on Xbox Live.