Bulkhead Interactive’s Battalion 1944 is Reinventing the WWII Shooter on Xbox One

Two years ago, our team of 21 year olds found a tiny closet of an office and started making Pneuma: Breath of Life, our story-driven first person puzzler that was part of Games with Gold in November. When Pneuma successfully released, we didn’t buy fast cars or houses, instead reinvesting our funds into making two new titles for Xbox One. One of which we’re really excited to be announcing this week!

10 years ago, we were in our bedrooms playing Call of Duty 2, Medal of Honor, and Enemy Territory. Well, now we’re finally announcing Battalion 1944, our homage to the great WWII shooters of the past. Battalion 1944 propels World War II back into the modern gaming spotlight as a spiritual successor to classic multiplayer shooters of the past, fuelled by the power of Unreal Engine 4. We’re recapturing the core of classic multiplayer shooters and reinventing WWII on the Xbox One. Battalion 1944 utilizes the most advanced industry technology to create a visceral and heart-thumping multiplayer experience that has been crafted by designers who grew up playing multiple celebrated WWII shooters. Fight in real world locations such as the streets of Carentan, the forests of Bastogne, and many more. Precision aiming with your Kar98, laying down covering fire with your M1 Garand, and quick thinking with your Thompson are keys to your success. In short, Battalion 1944 is an infantry-based first person shooter with an emphasis on raw skill. No grinding and no ‘exosuits.’ It’s just you and your skill as a player.

Join a Battalion and compete season to season with BattleRank, our global competition system. Contribute to your Battalion’s season objective to earn cosmetic rewards for your character, as well as weapons and accessories created with our realistic art style. Flaunt your success through your player profile to become a renowned player within the community. BattleRank’s highly-tuned stat tracking system enables Battalion 1944 to go above and beyond tracking in shooters gone by and enables players to compete globally for rewards, glory, and honor.

At Bulkhead Interactive, we all grown up playing classic shooters. It’s been a decade since we last saw a great WWII first person shooter and I think the genre’s resurgence is long overdue. We’re focusing on community-driven development and want to work with a passionate community of players who have a strong connection to the genre like we do.

To back our Kickstarter or to find out more about how you can be part of the Battalion 1944 community, visit http://www.battaliongame.com/. Finally, we wanted to say a big thank you to everybody at Xbox for helping us get to a point where we can make two great games and bring them to market. It’s been a massive learning curve for us but thanks to their support, patience, and hard work, we’re coming through as a sustainable and viable games studio.

I hope you’re as excited for Battalion 1944 as we are!