The Five Biggest Reasons We’re Loving Cobalt

It’s finally here: Cobalt, developed by the Oxeye Game Studio team, is a 2D action-platformer/shooter/adventure/arena fighter… and, well, it’s kinda all of those. Check out five of the reasons we’re loving one of the coolest little games of 2016.

The Acrobatic, Bullet-time Combat System

The defining trait of Cobalt is its combat, which involves a mix of firearms, melee combat, and explosives. When enemies take a shot at your robot, time slows down – allowing you to roll and parry the attacks, and get a few shots out yourself. It all feels like a martial arts film starring a cute little robot guy.

The Co-op Story Mode

Science-fiction humor and reflex tests abound in Cobalt’s story mode. You’ll meet numerous humorous characters, including summonable mounts, friendly nonplayer characters, and bosses. Cobalt’s story mode can be played solo or co-op, and encounters in the game are different depending on which way you play.

The Multiplayer Madness

In addition to its fantastic story mode, Cobalt has a multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to compete in arena-style combat games. It’s the ultimate test of your weapons, wall-jumping, and bullet-time parrying skills.

The Wacky Humor

Cobalt is hilarious, with a dash of sometimes-tragic. It’s amazing how much weight a few speech bubbles can deliver. The story tackles themes of consciousness and free will, but the lighthearted humor and the references to sci-fi’s best keep the game amusing and fun.

The Intense Challenge

Make no mistake: Cobalt is not an easy game. It requires precise timing, well-executed attacks, and a bit of luck. Thankfully, the levels in Cobalt are branching, giving you multiple opportunities to pick your battles. It’s a challenging game that feels really rewarding when you succeed.

Cobalt is out now and available to download for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. It can be played both online and locally, so no matter which way you like to play, Cobalt’s got you covered.