5 Ridiculously Awesome Rocket League Videos

Picture the game of soccer (or football if you’re outside the U.S.), only replace the players with cars. And replace the pitch with an enclosed arena with walls several stories tall… that the cars can basically stick to. Now make the ball about three times the size of a car, and add in explosions whenever a goal is scored.

Also: The cars can basically fly.

That’s Rocket League, and it hit Xbox One this week. To get you properly excited to play, let’s take a look at some ridiculous videos (taken from the PC version of the game) that highlight some of the absolutely insane things that can happen in this absolutely insane game.

He Meant to Do That

Let’s start off by taking a look at how quickly tides can turn in Rocket League. Here, player Stolberg starts out with a clutch defensive move at his own goal, knocking the ball away before it sneaks in (this is acknowledged by the game as an “Epic Save”). But then he chases down the ball he’s just deflected, and manages to knock it into the opponent’s goal via some teamwork, some physics, and a whole lot of luck.

By a Hair

One thing to remember when playing defense is that it ain’t over until it’s over. To wit, the ball has to completely cross the plane of the goalposts in order to score. Watch this player display a never-say-die attitude, narrowly preventing a goal not once, but twice.

By a Very Fine Hair

Making the best of a bad situation

Not close enough for you? In this GIF, the player makes a save at the absolute last possible moment, exhibiting either an enviable amount of skill or a shocking degree of luck (probably a little of both). Better still is where the rebound ends up: the opponent’s goal!

The Art of the Game

Still not convinced that you should be excited about Rocket League? Check out this stylish compilation that illustrates how skilled players use jumps, boosts, and flips to place that ball exactly where they want it. Some highlights: Watch the player at 1:08 meet the ball in midair – from half a field away. And don’t miss the incredible midair save at 1:41, or the masterful positioning at 1:56.

When It All Goes Wrong

Of course, lest you think that Rocket League is all amazing goals and spectacular saves, well… it isn’t. It’s very, very possible to do exactly the wrong thing at any given moment. So here’s one player’s ode to his friends’ failings: missed saves, unlucky bounces, and a bit of general cluelessness.

Get ready to make your own magical moments, because Rocket League is available for Xbox One now!