Quantum Break Windows 10 Time Stop

Quantum Break Crosses Time and Platforms

Unless you’ve been trapped in a “Groundhog Day”-like time loop, you’re probably aware that Remedy’s upcoming cinematic action game Quantum Break is launching simultaneously – and exclusively – on Xbox One and Windows 10 next month.

This is obviously great news for the mouse-and-keyboard crowd, but according to Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas Puha, releasing the time-twisting blockbuster on PC is also a boon for the developer. “Coming to Windows 10 means we can service our PC fans. We started on the PC. This is our 21st year of making games, so we have a loyal fan-base there. We’re glad to be able to bring it to Windows 10, and hopefully more people will get a chance to play. We put a lot of effort into both versions.”

Of course, bringing the game to both platforms also comes with its share of awesome cross-platform perks. “So, because we are running Windows 10, you have the benefits of Xbox Live,” said Puha. “You have your single profile; you have your Gamerscore; you have Game DVR. What’s really useful, though, is shared saves. So, say you start playing on the Xbox One and you get to Act 2 – you can take a break and then actually continue playing on Windows 10.”

Starting an Xbox One session from the comfort of your couch, then continuing on your work cubicle’s PC can also be cost-effective. Those who digitally pre-order the game on Xbox One get the Windows 10 version at no additional charge. We don’t recommend playing while you’re on the clock, but Quantum Break‘s 20-minute live-action episodes – spliced between its gameplay acts – can easily be consumed during a lunch break.

In addition to the cross-platform benefits, the game’s Windows 10 presence will also please PC players who enjoy tinkering to squeeze the most juice from their high-end rigs. According to Puha, those who have invested in building a gaming beast are welcome to push their rigs as much as possible. “The core gameplay experience is the same, but for those who’ve invested in a high-end PC, we offer things like 4K resolution, mouse and keyboard support, and running the game at 60 frames per second. You can also tweak some of the visual effects, such as the lighting and shadow quality – things that PC gamers expect.”

Even more than tech specs, though, it’s Remedy’s signature storytelling that shines brightly on both platforms. “Story comes first at Remedy,” stressed Puha. “We think about the story, the characters, what feelings we want to invoke in players. It’s all super-important. If you play a Remedy game, you’ll definitely recognize it as such.”

Anyone who’s ever unleashed a slow-mo barrage of bullets as Max Payne or a light-based attack as Alan Wake can attest that Remedy’s storytelling skills are matched only by their ability to put a unique spin on silencing baddies. As Puha explained, Quantum Break continues this tradition. “We are definitely far from a regular third-person shooter, because of the time-based powers. The powers are how you warp around, become invisible for a short time, confuse enemies, and surprise and melee them out of thin air. The gameplay design decisions have been made to make the player act very aggressively. The action is very cinematic; it’s got that flare to it.”

Whether you come for the edge-of-your-seat action or cinema-rivaling storytelling, Quantum Break will blow your mind – and the space-time continuum – when it hits Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on April 5.