Video For Happy Dungeons Now Available via Xbox One Game Preview

Happy Dungeons Now Available via Xbox One Game Preview

Konnichiwa. A big thank you (in advance) from our entire team here at Toylogic to all of you, our community, for playing and supporting Happy Wars over the last 4 years. We are overjoyed to introduce the newest member of our “Happy” universe – Happy Dungeons. Inheriting the comical and lighthearted look, design and play elements from Happy Wars that we love so much (and hope you do too), we humbly unveil Happy Dungeons to you today as an Xbox One Game Preview title.

With Happy Dungeons, up to 4 players can jump right into some action-RPG fun either solo or with friends (online or on-the-couch) to battle, crawl and look for loot. The thrilling sword fights are only part of the fun, and the adventure intensifies when you’re playing with your friends. And by that we are specifically talking about bringing the fun of “on-the-couch” play back! Nothing would make our team happier than to see and hear how much fun you’re all having sitting together, playing with your friends and making unforgettable memories.

Happy Dungeons is full of slapstick humor and funny looking items to offer you a very Happy time. The main story unfolds when an unsuspecting protagonist falls from a floating island and becomes a hero knight enlisted to save a princess, kidnapped by Goblins.  There are many amusing side quests, such as recovering protein-filled cookies stolen by powered-up goblins or rescuing villagers who have been abducted and spellbound by aliens. Believe it or not, most of the stories are based on actual experiences that happened to members of our development team and our Director, Kurumiya-san, in particular. Of course, the real anecdotes have been adapted to include goblins, aliens and lots of jokes, but you can look forward to narratives that are based on real-life events of our team members!

It’s important to please remember that Happy Dungeons is an Xbox One Game Preview title. This means that Happy Dungeons is still under development, and we need and want your feedback.  We want to hear your opinions all throughout the development process, in order to offer the happiest game possible. Tell us what you like or don’t like, or what you want or don’t.  We want to hear things like “I want this skill!”, “This item is too strong!” or “I don’t understand this,” so just contact us through the official Happy Dungeons site. Our team is constantly working to offer the best possible dungeon crawler to all of our fans.

Happy Dungeons is a free-to-play game that can be enjoyed by anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account. Our goal is to deliver an experience where you can enjoy the kind of happiness that can only come from Happy Dungeons.

Please download and give it a try!  Thank you.