Super Comboman Hero

2D Brawler Super Comboman Coming to Xbox One Soon

We at Interabang are a band of developers and artists working on projects we love. The team is spread across Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, and Montreal, coming together thanks to wi-fi and a shared passion for games.

The team, raised on classic side-scrolling and fighting masterpieces, has been hard at work getting an extra crispy, combo-packed 2D action game ready for Xbox One players. The gameplay, art, and humor in Super Comboman all pay homage to the super-rad 2D fighting games of the past and the manga comics we grew up with.

In our game, you’ll play as Struggles, a fanny pack-rocking Super Comboman fan looking for work. Head down to the local construction site, where you can jiggle, juggle, and jab your way to a paycheck! Struggles’ day is packed with wacky enemy combat, gut-punching special moves, and all-new combo animations.

We’re stoked to announce that Super Comboman is coming to Xbox Live for the very first time. We can’t wait for all of you to experience Struggles and his super combo action. We’ve stuffed this game full of mega manga bosses and classic fighting moves. Be warned though: There’s no mashing your way through this comic brawler, so stretch those fingers and bring your A game!