Deus Ex Mankind Hero image

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Tips Straight from the Dev Team

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is now available on Xbox One! We are extremely excited for you all to play our game. It has been a labor of love and passion, and we look forward to seeing the choices you’ll make and the play styles you’ll adopt. We’d like to say that Deus Ex is all in the details, and with that in mind, here are a few tips from key members of the team to get you started!

Jean-François Dugas, Executive Game Director
“In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided we worked on the show don’t tell and sometimes things are out in the open. The grenade launcher is hidden in plain sight in Prague – can you find it without setting the city on fire?”

Mary DeMarle, Executive Narrative Director
“Don’t forget to confront an ex-boss and keep in touch with him. You might discover something interesting.”

Patrick Fortier, Gameplay Director
“The Mankind Divided controls allow for optimal use of ALL of the game’s features without moving your thumbs from the sticks, but we also support a more “standard” FPS one.”

René-Martin Pauzé, Executive Gameplay Director
“The best tip I can share is about keeping your eyes open and always observe your surroundings. Each area has plenty to offer for scavengers, especially with the new crafting system. You can find parts in the environment, which are essential to upgrade weapons and create useful items. One of them is the Multitool, which lets you unlock highly secured keypads and computers instead of hacking.”

Stéphane Roy, Executive Producer
“I have two tips for you: first of all… Remember. Don’t leave the penguin behind. We’ve also put a ton of time and effort into dialogues and translations, so we definitely recommend you take the time to listen to some of them.”

Olivier Proulx, Producer
“We worked hard to make Mankind Divided a dense, rewarding game with many hidden gems. Make sure you thoroughly explore all of the environments throughout the game, giving yourself the opportunity to discover loot, side missions and narrative bits – and remember: think vertical!”

Fleur Marty, Producer – Live Team
“In the server Cortex of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Breach, our new game mode, instead of backtracking to the exit once it’s open, try jumping into the bottomless pit. You might shave a few precious seconds off of your time. Also, once you have unlocked new augmentations, be sure to go back to previous Breach server nodes and experiment with different aug combos. You may find new ways to finish the level or gather more data.”

And most of all, have fun with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! We hope you enjoy it.