Pit People Beta

The Behemoth Kicks Off the Pit People Beta Today

Shortly after releasing BattleBlock Theater on the Xbox 360, (now playable via Xbox One Backward Compatibility!) we started prototyping our next game. Cleverly code-named “Game 4”, we began with a simple concept of controlling multiple fighters in an arena and taking turns beating each other up.

Over time, adventuring and recruiting grew to become a big part of the game. Now, the game is much larger and includes multiple modes. One or two players can play through the story, go on fantabulous quests, and compete in tournaments in the Pit. All of this is wrapped up in what we eventually named the game, Pit People — a fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure!

In Pit People, we once again showcase the signature art style of Dan Paladin and the voice talents of Will Stamper. However, for those of you who have been with us since the days of Alien Hominid, you may notice in this game that our art style has evolved. Evolution is awesome! The story as a whole is the largest we’ve ever created and introduces a cast of tragically unique heroes, each working through their own baggage that is the human condition. Will Stamper’s mouth-words take the idea of story narration to new heights and weird places as he actively begins to ruin the protagonists’ lives.

Like our other titles, we have once again changed genres when we created Pit People. This time, we’ve created a turn-based strategy game for you to enjoy and we’ve brought some new things to the table. The game puts more emphasis on creating an advantageous team mix and positioning those fighters for maximum effect than forcing the player to micromanage their fighters. Because it is turn based, once you execute orders, you are in for an eye-feast! Oh, are your little eye mouths hungry yet? Check out the video above for a quick taste of what you’ll be able to do and see in the game.

If that doesn’t convince you, then you’ll have a chance to try it for yourself for free! We’re currently taking signups for our Pit People Xbox One closed beta! The Xbox One closed beta will run from September 8, 2016 to September 15, 2016.

Beta testers will get to experience a chunk of the story and they’ll also have access to the Tournament system & multiple quests that have never been seen at Penny Arcade, RTX or Comic-Con before!  It is a great way for you to see and help shape our development thus far, while also helping us improve the game’s online multiplayer experience!

If that sounds fine and dandy to you, registration for the Xbox One closed beta can be found at pitpeople.com/beta. We hope you’ll join us in helping make Pit People the most awesome game we’ve ever, ever made! Promise! Promise!