Xbox Ambassadors Program Sweetens the Deal with New Features and Rewards for Season Four

The Xbox Ambassadors Program kept its community busy from July to September and is hoping to see even more Xbox users take on the title of “Ambassador” during Season Four, which launches Oct. 1. With over 5,000 Ambassadors having actively participated in the Program since July 1, the Xbox Ambassadors Team is gearing up for a few new additions to keep things exciting this Season. Over the next several months, they’ll be introducing new spaces for connecting and engaging with Xbox users, a more interactive website experience and, as those familiar with the Program might have guessed, even better Rewards!

With everything that’s on the horizon, it’s truly a great time to sign up for the Xbox Ambassadors Program and start earning your laurels. Join today, and right out of the gate, you’ll be able to connect with fellow Ambassadors on Twitch, Beam and YouTube as well as take part in Missions geared around Xbox Feedback, Ambassador Support Chat and the Official Xbox Forums. Interested in seeing even more spots to mix and mingle as an Ambassador? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s still to come:

  • Ambassadors on Twitter – Launching mid-October, this feature will allow Ambassadors to interact with and help out fellow Xbox users in 140 characters or less.
  • Xbox Ambassadors Club – If you’re a member of the Preview Program, you can join the Xbox Ambassadors Club as early as today to make use of the Looking for Group (LFG) tool and help us shape the vision of this new communal space.
  • Ambassadors on the New Xbox Forums – As soon as the New Xbox Forums hit the scene, the Ambassadors will be there and able to support and discuss more easily than ever before.

Obviously, with new ways to engage the Xbox community like those described above comes the need to better equip and inform Ambassadors! Features due out this Season meant to provide more visibility and education opportunities include:

  • Ambassador Profile Update – In the next month, the Ambassador Profiles will take on a far more interactive feel, allowing for personalization as well as acting as a one-stop spot for showing off Activities completed and Badges earned throughout the Seasons.
  • The Academy – Last Season it was the Missions page, this Season the Academy’s receiving a makeover! The Team is planning a sparkly, new Academy filled to the brim with important Xbox information out next month.

Ambassadors Season 4 Inline

There are so many ways to play along with and help out your fellow Xbox fans, and the Xbox Ambassadors Team wants to provide you with as many inclusive and fun avenues across the console, Xbox app and other social spaces as they can – they also want to Reward you for getting out there! During Season Three, Xbox Ambassadors earned a total of 14 Xbox One S consoles, 10 headsets, 18 controllers and 750 ID@Xbox games. Season Four is all about the Xbox Ambassadors Team recognizing their community members in every way that they can – so join up, get active and start getting rewarded!