Manual Samuel Hero

Dexterity Adventure Manual Samuel is Now on Xbox One

Perfectly Paranormal here! For the last two years we’ve been swimming and swimming and swimming. Our veiny over-proportioned arms waggle on, our sweat and tears mix with the salt water, but it’s all worth it. We can finally spot the shore!

We are, of course, referring to the ultimate release of our ‘dexterity adventure’ game, Manual Samuel, on Xbox One. It’s the story of a spoiled rich boy called Samuel who has suffered a grim demise and woken up in Hell. Here he meets the Grim Reaper, Death, only this horseman rocks a skateboard, not a pale stallion. Death offers Sam a “deal ‘n’ biz” — survive a day living manually and he’ll be granted the rest of his years back.

That means it’s time to wiggle, waggle, breathe, blink and more as Samuel. You won’t be alone in this endeavor; Death will always be kickflipping at your side, and a handy narrator will be at the ready to dispense advice, in every unfortunate encounter you’re bound to have.

For us, Manual Samuel is like a pizza. Yes, it’s fun to sit down and eat the whole thing by yourself and chuckle, but it’s also fun to gather a few friends and make them watch you spill the whole thing all over yourself. Or maybe you wanna share the pizza in Co-op mode and yell at your friends for eating it wrong. Maybe you and your friends want to see who can eat the pizza fastest with the challenging Time Attack mode and laugh as one of you chokes and falls to the floor covered in bodily fluids and tomato sauce. Of course, if your pizza gets awful and cold at some point you could always reheat it in the oven. We’re sorry for all the pizza talk; we haven’t had lunch yet.

Manual Samuel is now making its way across time, space, and logic to reach your living rooms and basements. As we sit here at our office with our bushy beards, drying the saltwater from our hair, we’re eager to see what y’all think about this silly game we’ve crafted and what it means to you.