Goat Simulator Payday Small

Introducing Goat Simulator: PAYDAY, the Latest in Goat Simulation Technology

Rejoice! Goat Simulator returns this week with a new DLC pack, Payday, hoofing its way to Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles around the world. Goat Simulator: Payday is a crossover with Overkill’s awesome heist game, allowing you to experience an exhilarating life of crime from the comfort of a familiar goat-based physics sandbox.

In Payday, you’re able to shed your solitary nature and become part of a criminal crew, switching between characters at the push of a button, to carry out pranks and capers. Finding it hard to get on top of that skyscraper? We’ve got a flamingo for that. Wanna scale the side of a building? Then let me introduce you to Dolph, our wheelchair-bound dolphin.

Use Pranknet to track your mischief, earn cold hard cash for your successes, and then blow it all on masks and casinos. There’s a whole new map, the four playable characters, and a host of mini games including blackjack, slots, and rocket-powered-car-ball.

To celebrate the release, and to give you a sneak peek, we decided to film an official Double Eleven Co-op Let’s Play video. We even managed to find someone who hasn’t played the game yet, to simulate that time you tried to explain Goat Simulator to your grandma.

If you’re late to the Goat Simulator party, don’t worry. There’s a Goat Simulator: Payday bundle coming for Xbox One players, so you can get your hooves wet in a convenient manner.

Goat Simulator: Payday DLC is now available from the Xbox Marketplace for Xbox One and Xbox 360.