Eekeemoo Splinters Of The Dark Shard Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Eekeemoo Splinters Of The Dark Shard 
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Game Description: In this awesome third person adventure game you will help Eekeemoo rescue his friends from the clutches of the evil Dark Shard! Your quest will take you deep into the Dark Shards four corrupted splinter worlds. You’ll help Eekeemoo solve puzzles, complete tasks, battle monsters, the legions of the undead and hugely terrifying boss monsters! Take heart though! As you find and release each of Eekeemoo’s friends (there are 4 unlockable characters with different powers) you will be able use their powers to solve next set of problems.

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Product Info:
Developer: Cogg Games
Publisher: Cogg Games
Website: Eekeemoo Splinters Of The Dark Shard 
Twitter: @Itscogg / @eekeemoo