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Butcher Is Coming Soon to Xbox One

I always wanted to make a fast-paced, skill-based retro shooter with no easy mode — an equivalent of Doom in 2D. For me, Doom is one of the most-important franchises of all-time: it forged the first-person shooter genre into what it is today, helped to mold me as a player, and inspired me to become a game developer. Butcher is the result of this ambition and sentiment.

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Butcher retains the spirit of those 90s hits we all loved. It’s hardcore, letting you release your inner artist to paint the walls with blood — up to 4 million pixels are available to be painted per level. You can use the envoirnment (saws, hooks, lava pits, animals, and others) to dispose of your enemies, and choose from a variety of weapons featuring classics like a grenade launcher, railgun, and the deadly chainsaw.

And let’s not forget about the fun we’re going to bring you. You’ll be happy to painfully fail again, and again, melting in lava, becoming piranha food, or getting crushed by heavy doors… because we’re not kidding when we say that the easiest mode is on Hard!

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Even though Butcher is retro-influenced and faithful to the spirit of Doom and Quake, it’s perfect to play with a gamepad! We spent hours getting one of the game’s main features, the uncompromising retro carnage, smooth and brutally fun on an Xbox One controller. And you know what? We got it right.

Since this is our console debut, we decided to team-up with our buddies at Crunching Koalas, who’ll be responsible for the technical side of the Xbox One version and will be publishing the game on the Xbox Store.

Well, I gotta say, we’re pretty excited, and hopefully you will be too when the game launches later this year. Thanks for your attention and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for further news on Butcher!