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Xbox Play Anywhere Title Enter the Gungeon Coming April 5

We’re thrilled to announce Enter the Gungeon, our bullet hell dungeon crawler, will finally release for Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5 with Xbox Play Anywhere cross-save and cross-buy support. I want to take a moment to thank the passionate gamers in the Xbox community that continued to show enthusiasm for our game along the way.

Enter the Gungeon mixes bullet hell mechanics with the rogue-lite dungeon crawler genre. Every session sees the player fighting through an ever-changing fortress of doom, on a quest to reach the Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: The Gun that can kill the past. Along the way, you’ll wield more than 400 guns and items, dodge bullets, flip tables, meet weird NPCs, and duel massive bosses.

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Our studio Dodge Roll is small and we put a huge part of ourselves into our game. We’re a team of devoted gamers and pop culture nerds and Enter the Gungeon is nothing if not a love letter to gaming, and the absurd and inventive guns that it has produced over the years. The Gungeon is home to weapons that shoot fish, rainbows, ghosts, rockets, lasers, cannonballs, bees, mail, poison, fire, ice, arrows, sharks, tigers, and yes, even bullets. Combine these weapons with hundreds of items, many of which alter or enhance the power of any gun you are holding.

Enter the Gungeon was, in some ways, an attempt to mix everything we love about gaming into one, wholly insane experience. We are massive fans of Ikaruga, the Souls-Borne games, Metal Gear Solid, The Binding of Isaac, and Dungeons & DragonsEnter the Gungeon wears these inspirations, along with many others, on its sleeve.

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We’re obsessed with tight controls and exacting gameplay and the Gungeon demands your full attention, but love the sense that “anything can happen” that D&D and other tabletop games provide. The Gungeon is a fortress of doom, a true bullet hell, but it is also an adventure with secrets tucked away in every corner.

We think it’s fitting Enter the Gungeon will release on Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5 exactly one year since the original release. Since then we’ve focused on player feedback and technical improvements, which we will continue to do the coming months. In January of this year we released a substantial free content pack, The Supply Drop Update, which will be included in the Xbox One and Windows 10 releases.

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Right now, we’re hard at work fine-tuning the Gungeon for its imminent debut on Xbox One and we’re excited to include Xbox players in the Gungeoneering community. Follow @DodgeRollGames and @DevolverDigital on Twitter for more Gungeon news, including details of new content updates and get ready to Enter the Gungeon on April 5.