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Cylindrical Platformer Talent Not Included Available Now on Xbox One

The time has finally come to release Talent Not Included on Xbox One! This is an important milestone for us, as the game’s DNA was made for console gaming and here we are at last!

TNI is a fast-paced cylindrical platformer. Unlike traditional platformers where you go from left to right across the levels, this game unfolds via the rotating cylinder upon which you play, and which keeps on morphing the level.

Talent Not Included Screenshot

It’s made to feel and play like an old-school arcade game where you can have fun without all the modern-day DLC, endless loading screens, and obligatory how-to-play guides and tutorials. Just press play and enjoy and that’s the promise of TNI: quick to start, hard to master, and sure to spark fiery co-op couch arguments!

And those of you who have played Frima’s previous game Chariot, are sure to recognize our candycore art style: looks sweet and appealing, but flavored for hardcore gamers.

To spice things up, we also created three actors, each with their own style of play and unique set of skills and upgrades. Here are a few fun facts about these three thespians…

Name: Cécile
Class: Warrior
Blood type: A+ (’cause A+ is just the best score, right?)
Occupation: Seeking a new magical helmet to replace his old one
Backstory: Cécile is this laid-back, easy-going warrior guy. Rumor has it he’s never actually been in a fight, although we can all agree that his outfit is totally misleading. Born with a girl’s name, Cécile has always made it a point to defend gender equality and to discourage stereotyping. Girl-name power!

Name: Bonnie
Class: Rogue
Blood type: B-
Occupation: Bodybuilding in secret and caring as little as possible about whatever
Backstory: Bonnie was born with limitless willpower and a very limited amount of everything else. She tried to become a weightlifting champion several times over, but her delicate frame was never convincing enough for the judges. Don’t let her dainty physique fool you, though; she’s bad-tempered enough to make an ogre cry like a schoolgirl.

Name: Gundelf
Class: Viral mage
Blood type: Who cares…
Occupation: Posing for the sake of Internet humor
Backstory: Gundelf was born an online meme. Over the years, his pictures and one-liners have been used across the world and conquered the hearts and spleens of all, or near enough. He couldn’t care less if his fame made you jealous. In fact, y u no keep calm and walk into Mordor?

Talent Not Included is a game where you’ll hate not having enough checkpoints, yet come back for more again, and again, ‘cause that’s just the circle of the gamer’s life! Should your frustration become too much to bear, however, know that we’re always just one click away at [email protected]. Your complaints and feedback will help us make the next game hella better. After all, you’re the ones calling the shots!