NBA Playgrounds Small Image

NBA Playgrounds Available Now on Xbox One

Lace up your shoes, chalk up your controllers, and jump back onto the arcade basketball court today with NBA Playgrounds, a fast-paced 2-on-2 NBA game for Xbox One featuring a roster of legendary and current players. With support for both local and online play, gather your friends for a nostalgic arcade experience.

Not only is the game of basketball well represented here, featuring all current NBA teams and a massive roster of players to choose from, including many superstars the sport has produced throughout its history, there’s also the fine attention to the detail in the player models to appreciate. Details like Harden’s beard, Iverson’s headband, and Magic’s short shorts are just some of the small things the team at Sabre Interactive includes to showcase their deep love for the game of basketball and its players (for more on the origins of NBA Playgrounds, read our Xbox Wire blog from April).

With acrobatic gameplay, ridiculous dunks, ankle-breaking moves, and a huge roster of players to choose from — with even more players being added post-launch — NBA Playgrounds looks to be the real deal when it comes to rejuvenating arcade basketball on Xbox One.