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Portal Knights Now Available on Xbox One

We’re thrilled to announce that Portal Knights is now on Xbox One, something we know will excite many of our fans who have been requesting a console launch for many, many months now. We’ve been on an exciting journey over the last 15 months and we really hope you guys love this game as much as we do. For those who don’t know much about Portal Knights, let me fill you in… (I’ll be quick, honest!)

Portal Knights is an action RPG sandbox title that features tactical action combat, allows players to express their creativity in any way they like, and can be played in single-player, local two-player split-screen, or online in 4-person cooperative multiplayer. The great thing about Portal Knights is you can approach it however you like: pick a character class, customize your hero, and then head off on your adventure. As you travel across the lands, you’ll start to level-up through combat, come up against the Portal Guardians, learn new talents, obtain weapons, craft new armour and much more! You can even do all this adventuring with a pet by your side, if you want!

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Whilst the team worked on bringing their own ideas and new features to Portal Knights, time was also put aside during Early Access to develop popular player requests. The plan was to develop Portal Knights with our community, for our community.

Speaking of, this is something massively important to the team and with all the social tools available to us nowadays, it’s easier than ever to touch base with our players, gather their thoughts, feedback and suggestions. At the end of the day, we wanted our players to love Portal Knights, so why not involve them from the outset? Seemed like a good idea to us, and it was!

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Since we launched on PC, our incredibly talented team of developers have been working hard to craft Portal Knights into something truly special. So many of the cool things you can see in game have been the result of community feedback, which is just awesome!

Just last month, we launched a free trial of Portal Knights to the Xbox store, which gives players access to the first island, Squire’s Knoll. The response from the community has just been incredible, and we’ve been blown away by the truly awesome stuff you’ve been creating! Honestly, we’re super impressed! Keep up the great work.

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Now we’ve launched onto console, don’t think we’re about to slow down! Going forward, we fully intend on bringing more updates to Portal Knights, so please, talk to us, let us know what you think and give us your suggestions and feedback. We look forward to chatting with you guys! For those who haven’t jumped into Portal Knights yet, now’s the perfect time to do it.