E3 2017: ID@Xbox Debuts Biggest and Most Diverse E3 Lineup Ever

We started the ID@Xbox program with the goal of making sure players on Xbox and Windows 10 had access to the broadest collection of games around. And thanks to the stellar work of the independent developer community, wow, we’re delivering like crazy! With more than 25 games from devs working with ID@Xbox in today’s E3 briefing – Xbox’s biggest show ever – the golden age for independent titles is showing no sign of letting up! From exploration and adventure to hardcore action and competition, developers are bringing games for every kind of player and taste to Xbox.

Not only did we show off the biggest lineup of games from developers working with the ID@Xbox program ever; it was also the most globally diverse. From Auckland to Seoul, Paris to Toronto, and Los Angeles to Montreal, developers big and small have killer titles on the way for Xbox and Windows 10 via ID@Xbox. And the content is super diverse too, broadening the landscape of games players can enjoy and delivering tons of unique experiences and perspectives.

We also announced that Fullbright’s brilliant console launch exclusive Tacoma will ship on Aug. 2 and that the hotly-anticipated Xbox One console exclusive Cuphead from StudioMDHR will arrive on Sept. 29. Those games are going to be amazing! We also announced a ton of games that will be enhanced for Xbox One X, as well as looking and playing great on Xbox One and Xbox One S.

First, we’re super excited to reveal that the online multiplayer sensations Black Desert from Pearl Abyss and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS from Bluehole, Inc. will be making their console debuts exclusively on Xbox One. These titles have awesome followings on PC already, each with passionate and dedicated communities. We can’t wait to see those games flourish on Xbox One and enhanced for Xbox One X.

We also showed a first look at new gameplay from Aurora44’s console launch exclusive Ashen and revealed that two new, amazingly creative and exciting action-adventure titles – Beethoven & Dinosaur’s debut The Artful Escape and OddTales’ cinematic 8-bit cyberpunk adventure The Last Night – will also make their console debut exclusively on Xbox One. These games help underscore the vibrancy and innovation of things to come on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Ghost Ship Games debuted Deep Rock Galactic, a crazy stylish one-to-four player co-op first-person shooter that lets players join a team of endearingly badass space dwarves as they drop onto procedurally generated planets, mine for resources, and try to survive hordes of monsters to escape to the surface intact, and Scavengers Studios showed off The Darwin Project, a super compelling 8-player battle royale survival experience that flips viewer interaction on its ear with Mixer interactivity innovations that let fans watching jump in and impact the action in real time – with no lag.

The games we showed today in the Xbox E3 Briefing represent just a small number of the incredibly rad titles coming to the ID@Xbox program. Games such as Bloober Team’s >observer_, Glumberland’s Ooblets, Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite, and Path of Exile by our friends at Grinding Gear Games are all on the horizon, and we’re super excited play them.

So from everyone here at Xbox, we owe a massive thanks to all the awesome independent developers from around the world and the fans who support them! Last year, millions of people spent more than a billion hours playing games from developers working with ID@Xbox. With more than 2000 studios with dev kits in hand and more than 1000 games currently in development the future looks sweet for both players and the ID@Xbox creators that delight them with extraordinary games.

Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more exciting updates on awesome games coming from independent developers via ID@Xbox.