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Build Your Ideal Golf Society in The Golf Club 2 Today on Xbox One

When we released the original The Golf Club, we had no idea we’d have such an amazing community develop around the game. Whether it was creating courses or competing in tournaments, every single player brought something to the table and it’s our community that makes The Golf Club franchise what it is — and that’s exactly what we wanted to capture when we started working on The Golf Club 2.

With The Golf Club 2, we wanted to give players the tools they needed to create the perfect golfing experience, without having to leave the game. This led us to build The Golf Club 2 around societies, player-led guilds within the game that allow players of every level to enjoy a seamless community experience.

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Golf societies have become a part of almost everything you do in The Golf Club 2. You can join an online society that another player has created, or start your own and enlist other golfers to join your society. They’re designed to do more than just facilitate awesome community interaction — they’re built to help give your single-player career in The Golf Club 2 a sense of progression as you play and improve.

We believe that societies have served to add a real sense of progress, from beginning your own little society that meets in a dumpy shed, to a top tier organization that has the resources to hang in their own country club. Win tournaments on behalf of your society, earning more money to use on increasing the status and quality of your clubhouse, and enter higher stakes tournaments. Players have the tools to make the communities they want to play in whether that means societies that compete to be the best in the game, or groups of friends that just want to shoot a few holes after work; there’s something for everyone.

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Our comprehensive course creator also makes its return, and it’s better than ever. The sheer volume of high quality, player-designed courses is a testament to the strength of the game’s community. I can search for golf courses in my hometown and find carefully crafted recreations to play on (it’s insane). The best part is that if someone created a ton of cool courses in the first game, all those courses can be imported into The Golf Club 2 and take advantage of all the new features.

In addition to the course creator’s new tools, however, I’m personally looking forward to seeing whole societies spring up around the idea of creating utopian dreamscapes on which we can all compete.

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We listened and learned so much from our community while developing The Golf Club 2, and we’re still blown away every day by the feedback and enthusiasm of fans. So as a love letter to you guys, we hope this is the best golf game you’ve ever played (and we can’t wait to see what players do with the new tools).