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Harvest Plorts for Profit in Slime Rancher Now on Xbox One

In Slime Rancher, you take the role of Beatrix LeBeau as she travels a thousand light years away to a planet called the Far, Far Range to wrangle slimes and harvest their plorts for profit!

As you might have guessed, Slime Rancher is a really strange game and it’s been a pleasure developing something so unique over the last year in Xbox Game Preview. Now that it’s officially launched and available on Xbox Games with Gold, I thought I’d share some helpful tips for all the new ranchers that will be making their way to the Far, Far Range.

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Broadly speaking, Slime Rancher is a big mix of a first-person shooter, farm simulation, and non-linear sandbox exploration game. You’ll spend half of your time tending to your slime ranch, growing food, and harvesting their plorts, and the other half exploring a vast, alien world, gathering resources and uncovering secret treasures.

The most important tip I can offer is that you can play Slime Rancher however you like. You can choose to take your time and slowly accrue newbucks (Slime Rancher’s currency) with a small selection of slimes, and play it safe. Or, you can try to get rich quick and maximize the potential of your ranch, risking disaster from the slightest mistake. And the same goes for the world itself: you’re free to explore it however you choose. So play however you’re comfortable. Slime Rancher will reward you either way!

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On the ranch, my advice is to try and stay as diverse as you can: make sure you’ve got a robust selection of slimes, be it as normal slimes or the more profitable but harder to manage largo slimes, as having access to a variety of plorts will be beneficial later in the game. Even if you don’t keep certain slimes around for long, you’ll gain a knowledge of their behaviors and a sense of where you can collect them out in the wild when you do need them.

Speaking of the wild, when exploring the untamed lands outside of your ranch, first observe the behaviors of the slimes and resources around you. Slime Rancher has very few tutorials after the first five minutes or so, as much of what you’ll learn in the game is discovery-based. Observe and collect! Each slime has unique behaviors and spawns in specific locations. And collecting slimes and resources will allow you to learn a great deal more in the ever-handy Slimepedia that updates as you play.

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You’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for secrets! Slime Rancher has loads of hidden treasures and locations waiting to be discovered, and some of them are in really well-hidden nooks and crannies. These secrets range from fun decorations to really useful items so be sure to always be looking around every corner.

That should help you get started on your new adventure across the Far, Far Range. It’s been an incredible journey developing Slime Rancher and we’re thrilled to bring it to Games with Gold and have so many new players experience that unique adventure we’ve created here at Monomi Park.

See you on the range, ranchers. And stay wiggly!