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World of Tanks Will Battle in the Xbox Live Arena

Big news, Tankers! Wargaming and Microsoft are ready to deploy Xbox Live Arena tournaments to World of Tanks! We’re excited to bring user-generated tournaments to World of Tanks on Xbox One starting on August 22, letting you create tournaments or join with others to prove your tanking skills. Xbox Live Arena makes it easy to compete in online tournaments right from your console and is fully integrated into World of Tanks.

In addition, we’re planning our own Xbox Live Arena sponsored tournaments this September. Sign-ups begin soon for our first sponsored team tournament kicking off on September 15. Be sure to stay tuned to the World of Tanks website for more details in the coming days.

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If competitive gaming isn’t your thing… no worries! Starting August 22 we’ll introduce War Stories, the new single-player and online two player co-op campaign mode that gives an experience like nothing you’ve played before in World of Tanks, with episodic campaigns featuring historical battles, alternate history and even fantasy storylines.

In Brothers in Armor, take control of a new steel beast, the Lend Lease Sherman, as a United States tank commander caught up in the massive armored battles of the Eastern Front. Cunning, guts and a steady hand are required to repel a German surprise attack. Based on the Battle of Romania, this semi-historical War Story pits the Emcha (nickname for the M4 Sherman) versus German Panzers in a life and death struggle.

In another scenario, plunge headfirst into the Cold War in Flashpoint Berlin. Take command of a Centurion as the Western Allies venture into East Germany, seeking to open a path to West Berlin across a hundred miles of Soviet territory. In this tense Alternative History War Story, we see what happens when the Cold War turns hot, and steel knights are called in to determine the fate of Europe and the world.

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Once you complete a War Story it unlocks the Challenge mode, allowing you to return to battle with any of your vehicles, giving bonuses and prizes for achieving new feats. Can you beat the clock while preventing the German forces from escaping? Try keeping as many of your allied forces alive for a perfect score!

War Stories launches August 22 on World of Tanks across the Xbox family of devices, and our game will run in native 4K glory on the Xbox One X when the console debuts on November 7.

Whether you’re a seasoned tanker or new to the battlefield, there has never been a better time to battle in World of Tanks. For the latest news on World of Tanks on Xbox, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and at