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We’ve been working on the Xbox One version of Path of Exile for more than two years and have waited with great anticipation for its release. That day has finally come and we’re so glad to welcome new members to our growing community! If you’re looking to sink your teeth into an action RPG that offers deep character and item customization, gritty gameplay, and an unforgiving atmospheric world, then Path of Exile is for you.

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Path of Exile is free, and none of its optional microtransactions convey a gameplay advantage. Its development is made possible through optional purchases by the community in the form of Supporter Packs and all the content, including our latest expansion, The Fall of Oriath, is included for free. If you’d like to party with other players online, then an Xbox Live Gold membership is required.

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The sprawling Passive Skill Tree is one of the hallmarks of Path of Exile and enables extremely varied character builds for maximum replayability. All the character classes are present on one interconnected skill tree. With some careful planning, you can access any area of the tree with any class you choose. This flexibility means that it’s entirely possible to create unorthadox character setups. A traditional witch class might stick to simply using spells and the power of necromancy, but in Path of Exile, your witch can become an axe-wielding melee character. To further diversify you and control your character’s destiny, you can also socket craftable jewels into the skill tree to boost damage or change the mechanics of your character altogether.

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When you’re getting started, it can sometimes be helpful to follow a build guide until you’ve got your footing. Our passionate community regularly posts and maintains a variety of build guides that can be found in the Class Forums. There is a built-in tutorial that you can check for helpful tips along the way but if you’re looking to go deeper and take totally master the full potential of Path of Exile’s game mechanics, you could consider checking our community-managed wiki.

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We’ve recently extended our core content to a complete 10 act storyline, but this certainly doesn’t mark the end of Path of Exile‘s development. Every 13 weeks, we release a new Challenge League. These are temporary leagues that offer a tantalizing twist on regular gameplay where players can compete for glory and rewards! In addition to maintaining consistently fresh gameplay, we also provide significant updates to the game including full expansions every six months.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining an active relationship with our community. We do this by posting news updates about the game five days a week and by interacting with players on our Official Forum, Facebook and Twitter. If you’re keen to immerse yourself in all things Path of Exile, come meet us over there.

Once again, we can’t express how happy we are to be bringing Path of Exile to Xbox One. If you love endless loot, diverse gameplay and a dark aesthetic, then we encourage you to download Path of Exile today! We hope to see you in Wraeclast soon.