Gears Pro Circuit - $2,000,000 - Season 2 Announced!

Gears of War Pro Circuit Season 2 Announced with new expected prize pool of $2,000,000!

Xbox, Gears of War Esports, and The Coalition are proud to announce Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit for Gears of War 4. Gears players from around the world can compete in marquee live open events for a starting $1,000,000 in cash prizes. With the addition of new regional events and grassroots tournaments, plus crowdfunding through Esports Supporter Packs, the total prize pool for Season 2 is expected to reach $2,000,000.

Players in North America, Latin America, and Europe can earn “Gears Pro Points” by competing in regional MLG online ladders and in weekly tournaments. Players can also earn Gears Pro Points through grassroots and community-run approved tournaments and Microsoft Store LAN events. Gears Pro Points qualify teams for seeding and travel coverage to the international open LAN events taking place every 2 months between December 2017 and December 2018.

This season’s exciting Gears Pro Circuit features both major and minor open LAN events in the following locations, open to all players around the world:

Date Location Partner Prize Pool (USD)
Winter 2017 USA MLG $250,000 minimum
January 26-28 Mexico City, Mexico Gamelta $150,000 minimum
Spring 2018 North America TBD $150,000 minimum
Spring/Summer 2018 North America MLG $250,000 minimum
Summer/Fall 2018 Mexico Gamelta $150,000 minimum
Summer/Fall 2018 North America TBD $150,000 minimum
Fall/Winter 2018 North America MLG $250,000 minimum

*All locations and dates subject to change.

With the postponement of the Mexico City event to January (from the original date of October), the Gears Esports team is proud to present an additional series of sanctioned events in the Fall for Gears Pro Points and cash prizes.

Gears Esports Fall Regionals – 24 Team 5000 Series Pro Point Events
Date Location Partner Prize Pool (USD)
November 11-12 New York, NY, USA Microsoft Store $20,000
November 11-12 Corona, CA, USA CMG $20,000
November 11-12 London, UK EGL $20,000
November 11-12 Mexico City, MX Gamelta $20,000


In addition, we are proud to announce several new community tournaments with some in new cities and regions:

Date Location Partner Starting Prize Pool (USD)
October 20-22 Madrid, Spain Xbox Spain Fan Fest $5,000
November 25-26 Sydney, Australia ESL $10,000 AUD + Winning Team Travel to MLG Fall/Winter 2017 Major
Spring 2018 Birmingham, UK Insomnia Festival $10,000 minimum
TBD Brazil Gamelta TBD
TBD Italy Xbox Italy TBD
TBD France Xbox France TBD

*All locations and dates subject to change.

More community and regional tournaments will be announced and funded through to December 2018.

We are also excited to announce significant funding increases for travel coverage for this season’s Gears Pro Circuit based on Gears Pro Points rankings. Latin America events will see a big increase to the Top 8 North American teams, Top 8 Latin American teams, and Top 3 European teams all receiving travel coverage. North American Minor events cover the Top 8 North American teams, Top 3 Latin American teams, and Top 3 European teams. MLG Major events will cover the Top 8 North American teams, Top 4 Latin American teams and Top 4 European teams.

Season 2 will also see the return of Gears Esports Supporter Packs that help provide prize pool crowdfunding to events and support the expansion of the regional community events. Gears Esports will continue to collaborate with popular esports team organizations to bring their brands into cosmetic digital in-game content that fans can wear and equip. This season also sees the addition of a Preferred Partner program for major esports organizations. Organizations can qualify for financial incentives based on audience size, participation, and regional representation. Organizations can also work with the Gears Esports team to raise the visibility of their brands in additional content planned for Season 2 such as our new reality series, event content and profile features, in-game promotions and on social media.

Weekly Gears Fight Nights broadcasts will return live from the MLG Studios in New York, featuring weekly Pro Circuit online tournament finals with teams from around the world. These weekly broadcasts will continue to feature both pro and amateur teams and special prizes for viewers.

Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit has already officially kicked off in September with Gears Pro Points activity via MLG online tournaments and ladders. For more information on how to participate in Season 2, check out this information page here.

For more detailed information on the Gears Pro Circuit and Gears Esports, please visit You can also follow us on Twitter @EsportsGears and @GearsofWar and on Facebook at /GearsofWar.

We’re proud to present the largest ever Gears of War Esports program and can’t wait to see all the pro and amateur teams from around the world compete in Season 2!