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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Available Now on Xbox One and Windows 10

It’s time to emerge from the shadows and enter the battle as Middle-earth: Shadow of War is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title — buy once and play on both console and PC. Continue the story of Talion, a ranger for Gondor, and the spirit of Celebrimbor, the elf lord responsible for the creation of the ring of power. Together you’ll harness a new ring in the hopes of defeating the Dark Lord Sauron once and for all.

As the epic sequel to the award-winning Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, you will travel across enemy lines to assemble a new army of orcs and attempt to dominate the land of Mordor from within its walls. With an enhanced version of the award-winning Nemesis System, Middle-earth will be affecting by all your successes (and failures) in battle, creating unique and personal stories for every enemy and follower you encounter.

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And based on some of the exciting footage we’ve seen over the past several months, you can also expect to ride a drake into battle, explore a variety of different terrain, and face off with the infamous Balrog.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available for Xbox One and Windows 10 in a variety of versions on the Xbox Store. The Silver Edition comes with the Slaughter Tribe and Outlaw Tribe expansions, featuring new enemies and followers, and the Gold Edition features additional story content (available in the coming months) and all features listed above.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Screenshot

Shadow of War will also be Xbox One X Enhanced when the world’s most powerful console hits store shelves on November 7. If you’re planning to pick up an Xbox One X, all the enhancements like 4K and HDR support for Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be free to download and will not require a separate purchase of the game — all Xbox One games will work on Xbox One X.

Now pick up your sword, mount your caragor, and equip your ring of power. It’s time to conquer Mordor!