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Learn How to Enroll Your Xbox One X in Xbox One Update Preview

As many Xbox One Update Preview participants may have already purchased or else plan to purchase an Xbox One X in the near future, we’d like to remind you how to enroll your new Xbox One X (or any new console) in the Xbox One Update Preview. Here’s how to make sure your console is properly set up for Preview updates:

  1. Sign in on your new console.
  2. Launch the Guide (press the Xbox button), navigate to My games & apps > Ready to Install and install the Xbox Insider Hub app.
  3. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub and navigate to Insider content > Xbox One Update Preview.
  4. Select Join or Manage.
  5. Choose the desired Preview group (i.e. Xbox One Update Preview Omega) from the list and select Done.

Xbox Insider System Update Selection

NOTE: You can enroll all your consoles in any Preview group you’re eligible for (i.e. a Preview Alpha participant can enroll all their consoles in Preview Alpha).

NOTE: You can unenroll a console you no longer own/can’t access in the Xbox Insider Hub by navigating to Settings > Manage devices.

Your console registration will be processed shortly after completing the steps above, and your console will prompt you to download a new system update (if a new system update is available to that Preview group) at that time.

Enjoy your new console, and we’ll see you on Xbox Live!