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Get Your Hands on The Sims 4 Before Launch with EA Access

Hello, Simmers!

It’s an exciting time for us working on The Sims 4, as we prep for our official release on Xbox One this November 17. But starting today, we are especially excited to exclusively offer Xbox players a trial of the game before launch through EA Access. If you’re a member of EA Access, you can now enjoy up to 10 hours of The Sims 4.

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Now, we know some of you might be new to the world of The Sims, so we wanted to give you some fun things to try during your trial. And don’t fret — if you happened to get attached to your first sim during this trial period, you can carry over your saved progress when you purchase the game! Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, back to some tips!

#1 Spend Time in “Create A Sim”

We know some folks like to rush through a character creator because they really want to jump into the game, but the fun thing about The Sims 4 is that the you can write your own story. So, take a bit of time to customize their look, what they wear, as well as identifying their aspirations, personality traits, and more!

With The Sims 4, you can customize almost every aspect of your Sim, and the possibilities are endless. Now you can create yourself, a friend, or even bring characters from your imagination to life!

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#2 Check Out Build Mode

Moving your Sim into their first home is a big step, and you want to pick a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle. While it’s always tempting to try and go after the beautiful and luxurious-looking homes, sometimes it’s good to start your experience with a bit of a fixer upper. Try taking something in a lower Simolean range, as it provides a good opportunity to really test out the build mode features.

There are lots of great build features for you to check out when building the home of your dreams. Change the layout of a home by knocking down walls, erecting new ones, giving that kitchen a much-needed makeover, and even adding additional rooms onto the building to give your Sim that extra living space.

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#3 Choose a Career

Your Sims aspire to live certain lifestyles, but just like real life they need to earn Simoleans to fuel that lifestyle. One of the ways they can do this is through choosing a career. Explore the stars through the astronaut career, become the next big artist through the painter career, or even live a double life through the secret agent career.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, so you can really tap into your skills and interests.

We hope that this list of suggestions can help you spend your EA Access Play First Trial time to the fullest. There are so many different stories you can tell through The Sims 4 and we cannot wait to see what you create.

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