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A Beginner’s Guide to Warframe Plains of Eidolon

Welcome to Warframe and our newest update, Plains of Eidolon, which launched earlier this week on Xbox One. For new players jumping in and enamored by the thrill of an open landscape in Warframe, and who want to get to the Plains ASAP, here is a quick guide to point you in the right direction.

Gaining Access to Cetus and Plains of Eidolon

If you are new to Warframe, logging in for the first time will launch you into an introductory quest called “Vor’s Prize,” designed to help you establish some basic footing in Warframe. Throughout the quest, Lotus, your in-game guide, will explain how different systems work (basic movement, leveling up, Mods, etc.), instruct you how to use and progress through the Star Chart, and use your Warframe and weapons in battle.

Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll then be free to explore the Solar System, which includes Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon.

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First Stop: Cetus, Earth

In your Orbiter, your mobile home base, your Navigation segment is located at the Bow (front) of your craft. Walk up to it, click on the prompt button, and witness the brilliantly twinkling Solar System before your very eyes! Identify and click on planet Earth, and then locate the Cetus and Plains of Eidolon nodes, which are right next to each other. The little thumbnail of the Orokin Tower will indicate exactly where to go. Click on Cetus and be prepared for a wild new world!

Once in the bustling settlement of Cetus, you will see an open-air bazaar full of vendors. Walk up and talk to any one of them. Chat with the Ostrons in town to discover how the ongoing war with the Grineer has shaped their lives. Learn about their rich culture that revolves around the grotesque harvesting of biomechanical tissue from a long-dormant Orokin Tower. And increase your Standing with them by completing their requested missions and they’ll share their culture and knowledge while granting you access to their wares.

Feeling hungry? Go to Fisher Hai-Luk to unlock a variety of spearfishing equipment and bait. Feeling constructive? Forge your own unique weapon, refine minerals to gems, or customize your companions and Orbiter with all new Decorations. Want to immediately engage in battle? Pick up Bounties from Konzu (located at the farthest end of the bazaar from the entrance) and work toward earning 1,000 Ostron Standing by accepting and completing Bounty missions. You’ll need to reach this Standing to purchase your first set of mining and fishing equipment valued at 500 standing each.

Warframe Plains of Eidolon Artwork

Enter the Plains

Beyond the gates of Cetus lies a vast, verdant landscape, one larger than anything seen before in Warframe. Sentients once fought on this battleground in an attempt to destroy the massive Orokin Tower that the Ostrons now call home. The Sentients’ defeat is forever immortalized in the ancient graveyard that litters the Landscape. In this 2.25×2.25 square kilometers of rolling hills, lakes, rivers, and cave systems, you can roam around freely, overtake sprawling Grineer outposts and drilling stations, mine for resources, and try your hand at spearfishing!

As you venture deeper into the Plains the Grineer, enemies grow progressively stronger, so come prepared. For new players, it’s best to stick to playing in the daytime. It’s safer, and better aimed at beginner-level players. You can engage in nighttime activity, but after dark, the challenges increase in difficulty and require higher level equipment.

How Do I Get a Sky Archwing?

New players will first need to complete “The Archwing” quest to earn their own Archwing. This quest becomes available upon unlocking the Mars Junction on Earth. Once complete, you will need to install the “Archwing Launcher Segment” (acquired via Clan Dojo Research) into your Foundry. You can then craft your “Archwing Launchers” and take flight in the Plains!

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The Next Steps

For new players, visiting the Plains in the daytime is both the ideal location and timeframe. There is a variety of accessible missions at easier levels to enjoy. At night, experienced players can take their chances at defeating the Teralyst Eidolon. The nighttime and the Eidolon fight portions of Warframe are really designed for more advanced players, so this is where we recommend digging deeper into Warframe. In order to prepare yourself for combat against a Teralyst Eidolon, you will need to complete the following quests first: The Second Dream, The War Within, and Saya’s Vigil (available in the Plains of Eidolon). After that you will need to visit The Quills in Cetus to learn more about fighting the Teralyst.

So, now you’re set, Tenno. There is a lot more to learn, but you have the basics and some sage advice. Have a great time in Plains of Eidolon! The Plain’s open nature, its free-form adventuring and activities will no doubt entice you to explore the entire map. We’ll see you out there!