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Beholder is Coming to Xbox One in Early 2018

Hi, Xbox Wire readers! I’m here to tell you all about our new title Beholder Complete Edition, which lands on the Microsoft Store on January 19, 2018!

Beholder Complete Edition is a tactical strategy game set in a dystopian future, where you’ll play as a landlord in a totalitarian state. There are rules for everything, and any violation can see you put into prison, or beaten up by the police. For instance, are you wearing jeans right now? Well, in this state, wearing or owning jeans is against state rules, so a beating for you, or even worse, state prison!

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To do your job, you’ll need to spy on your tenants, watch their every move, eavesdrop on their conversations, talk to their neighbours, even break in to their apartments to set cameras up and search through their belongings, all to ensure that the state is kept happy and you don’t end up like the last landlord that held the keys to the castle (we won’t say what happened to that landlord, but if you want to find out, all the DLC is included in the bundle — all of it!).

Once you’ve got all the details, you’ll need to report all your findings to the state, but what if you’re good friends with the tenant? Well, you don’t always have to tell the state everything, and you can blackmail your fellow neighbors for the courtesy of keeping their secrets safe. Be warned, however, blackmailing someone too much may cause them to snap, and you never know what someone under state oppression is capable of.

Beholder Complete Edition Screenshot

Whether you decide to keep someone’s secrets safe, help them in their time of dire need, or blackmail them for personal gain, keep in mind that your actions have consequences and all your tenants will react differently depending to the way you treat them. You never know when you may be the one in need, and if you’ve turned everyone against you, help may not come running so easily…

That’s it for now but be sure to check out the Microsoft Store on January 19, 2018 when Beholder Complete Edition launches, and find Curve Digital Twitter and Facebook here.