Pineball FX3 Hero Image

Pinball FX Celebrates 10 Years with Free Pinball Pack

Zen Studios is happy to say that Pinball FX has turned 10 years old, and it feels like the party is just getting started.

We invite everyone on Xbox Live, both on Xbox One and Windows 10, to download the brand-new Carnivals & Legends pack for free from December 12 to 19. This is our way of saying thank you to the millions of Pinball FX players who have supported the game over the years.

Zen would also like to send sincere thanks to the many Microsoft team members who have lent a hand in the development and ultimate success of Pinball FX over the last decade. There are so many who went above and beyond and helped us develop an amazing platform that could continue to evolve and find success.

If you are new to Pinball FX, download Pinball FX3 for free and check it out. Sorcerer’s Lair is also free, so you have an instant 3-game collection to get started.

For those of you who played Pinball FX or FX2 but put the game down and have not come back, come join the party in FX3. There are so many new features to discover, and you will find that the majority of your past purchases can be imported for free.

Sending the sincerest thanks to the entire Zen Studios pinball team for 10 years of Pinball FX.