Sky Force Reloaded Small Image

Sky Force Reloaded Lifts off on Xbox One

To all Sky Force units. Military alert by Infinite Dreams Studio!

Pilots! Soldiers! Our land is in danger, and it’s time for the legendary Sky Force to defeat enemies again! We’ve been called to battle against hordes of invaders, fight powerful bosses, dodge bullets, and missiles. Join us to face the evil, save civilians and explore an adventure with the old-school feeling where the visually stunning experience mixes with everything all shoot ’em up fans love: equipment upgrades, ultimate destruction, and co-op!

Our Infinite Dreams Team prepared for you 15 stages of the main campaign, each with four difficulty levels, and additional five endless mode stages to compete with friends, unlocked alternatively during the Weekend Tournaments. But that’s not all! You can pick between a singleplayer or a local co-op.

If you’re curious about the equipment, you will find in Sky Force Reloaded nine aircrafts to unlock, with their own strengths and weaknesses to bear, 30 buff cards, and eight assisting technicians to unlock. Lucy Clover will bring you more luck in finding a card and power-ups, Tase MeBro will strike nearby enemies with a lightning bolt, Slo-Mo Chan will slow down hostile bullets — but you’ve got to check them all to find out their superpowers by yourself.

Don’t forget about the endless mode. Five stages unlocked alternatively during and the Weekend Tournaments are waiting for you to compete with friends!

No matter if you’re a fan of the series or a new player you should definitely check:

  • New difficulty modes, all the way from Normal to Nightmare
  • 30 elusive bonus cards to add even more depth to the gameplay — some of them grant permanent benefits, while others boost players abilities only temporarily
  • Hundreds of upgrades to weapons, shields and other equipment
  • Weekend Tournaments challenging friends on one of 5 specially crafted infinite stages

In Infinite Dreams, we believe that fun shoot ’em up can combine old-school feeling with fresh design and graphics. That was our thought when we started working on the next-gen Sky Force installments. Sky Force Reloaded is also the best proof that we still find a lot of fun in our work. Thanks to our fans mostly; we don’t deny. Through these years, you were always our biggest support and inspiration. We’re happy to share Sky Force Reloaded with Xbox One community knowing we did everything to make it that’s gorgeous to look at and a blast to play!