Roblox Holiday Screenshot

‘Tis the Season for Roblox’s Holiday Event, Now Available on Xbox One

Season’s greetings, Robloxians!

Today we’re bringing some yuletide fun to the Xbox community with the Roblox Holiday Event, featuring three jingle-bell-rockin’ free-to-play games and awesome virtual prizes! This year’s event is extra special because you can now play a brand-new Roblox game filled with all kinds of hidden surprises and joyful holiday activities, from sledding to snowball fights, and even a whale rodeo — yes, that’s right. Whale. Rodeo.

Set in a gorgeous winter wonderland, Mountaineers combines everything you love about this very merry time of year into a whimsical mini-game extravaganza. Your mission? Complete the mini-games to climb to the top of Scrooge McBlox’s private mountain villa and show him the beauty and wonder of the holidays! Mountaineers was created exclusively for the Roblox Holiday Event by a team of world-class developers from the Roblox community, including MasterOfTheElements, Beeism, GollyGreg, awesomeawxomeman3, FutureWebsiteOwner, Quenty, TheShipArchitect, and Crykee. Spread good tidings and holiday cheer to all your friends and play it today!

Roblox Holiday Screenshot

“I was super excited to have an opportunity to work together with a group of really intelligent developers on this game,” said MasterOfTheElements. “I can’t wait for Xbox players to see all the hard work and polish we put into this game to make it a reality.”

“What I enjoyed most about this project was getting to work with people I’ve looked up to since I started developing on Roblox about three years ago,” said Beeism. “I hope that players enjoy exploring this massive world we created together with their friends.”

When asked about what it was like working on a cross-platform game that could be played on Xbox One and so many other different devices, Quenty added, “I’ve enjoyed the challenge of designing interfaces and interactions that work well with inputs from consoles, touch screens, mice, and laptops. Roblox presents a unique platform where interactions can be shared across platforms. It’s really satisfying to see the world come to life through delightful interactions.”

It’s easy to immerse yourself in the world of Mountaineers. As GollyGreg explains, there are so many places to explore and things to see for all Roblox players.

Roblox Holiday Screenshot

“I love walking around the map just for fun. I keep finding random spots to explore,” he said. “The little touches the team added to the environment and the creatures you find makes it feel like a real, living breathing world.”

And because it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we’re also giving Xbox players up to 50% off special in-game items, from furniture to clothes and more, in Mountaineers from now until the end of the event on January 2!

Don’t forget there’s even more fun Roblox games to play and holiday event prizes to earn with Polyhex’s Super Bomb Survival and Cracky4’s Icebreaker! Complete the special in-game missions and you’ll get your hands on exclusive virtual items to wear on your avatar.

The Roblox Holiday Event is now available on Xbox One from now until January 2, so get out there and enjoy! Happy holidays from everyone at Roblox!