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Uncover the Sci-Fi Mystery of The Station on Xbox One and Windows 10 Next Month

Hi everyone! I’m incredibly excited about our upcoming launch of The Station on Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 20. To give more insight into the experience, we pulled our most commonly asked questions we’re receiving on our social channels, like our Twitter account @TheStationGame.

What’s the premise of The Station?

The Station is a first-person mystery game set on a space station that was sent to study a sentient alien civilization on a newly discovered planet. After losing contact with the crew, you’re sent to investigate and will discover a mystery that will decide the fate of two civilizations.

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You’ll explore contemplative themes like imperialism, moral law, and surveillance in a mysterious futuristic sci-fi setting. We want to tell you a story for a few hours that you’ll be thinking about for weeks.

Where did the inspiration come from?

Our team comes from games such as Bioshock Infinite, Destiny and Mass Effect – we love rich stories! After spending years working on large projects, we wanted to bring our big studio experience to the independent scene to create an engaging mystery.

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We immediately fell in love with the story as we wrote it. While sharing it with friends across the industry, their enthusiasm signaled we were onto something special.

Any highlights that you want to share?

Working on The Station has been the most enjoyable experience of my life. In the past six months, we’ve had hundreds of beta testers help us polish the experience and I can’t wait until the story is available to everyone. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the player’s face the moment they piece together the story. Since announcing The Station a year ago, my personal highlight has been reading and listening to the community’s theories on the origin of the alien civilization.

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Are there any messages you’d give to players?

We’ve created a mysterious, story-rich experience rife with detail to absorb — there’s no need to rush through the game. I would highly recommend inviting some friends over and experiencing it together!