Video For The Cartographer’s Fleet: The Alien Airframes of Inside Out Flying Game InnerSpace

The Cartographer’s Fleet: The Alien Airframes of Inside Out Flying Game InnerSpace

Greetings, Cartographer. It is I, the Archaeologist, your creator, your companion, and fellow explorer of the Inverse. As you look at yourself, your wings and your fuselage, you may very well ask, “Can I be more than this?” The answer is yes, Cartographer. You absolutely can.

I have just developed the technology that will allow you to transfer your AI consciousness from your current airframe into another. A brilliant breakthrough, if I say so myself. I’m envious, I admit. I only have the one submarine.

Of course, I’ll need your help finding the parts to construct these new airframes for you. They can be found scattered across the Inverse, lost relics of technology from the Ancients who came before. Collect all that you can, for nothing gets an old archaeologists heart racing quite like an ancient relic.

Below, you can see the airframes I have planned for you, should you find the missing relics required to build them.

Now then, the time has come. The knowledge we gather will light the way. Take flight, Cartographer! As always, I’ll be right behind you.

– The Archaeologist

InnerSpace is available today on Xbox One and we hope you enjoy your journey into the Inverse. Hit us up on Twitter (@PolyKnightGames) to let us know which airframe is your favorite. Enjoy your flight!

InnerSpace Screenshot - Piano Plane


Ah, the trusty Piano. A balanced airframe that should suit your needs in any biome within the vast reaches of the Inverse. It’s constructed of metal that has a musical resonance. As you fly, you may notice a lovely sound emanating from your wings. Depending on the chamber you’re in, you may even notice a change in tone.

InnerSpace Screenshot - Zephyr Spark 00

Zephyr Spark

In the open air, I’m not sure any other creature, drone, or demigod could keep up with you. Be careful if you take it indoors, though. I put so much into its pure speed, I had to sacrifice its ability to turn. You'll need to master the drift maneuver to get through tight spaces. If you need to move quickly, this is the airframe you want.

InnerSpace Screenshot - Tidal Horn 01

Tidal Horn

This airframe excels underwater. I’d challenge you to a race, but I doubt my submarine would stand a chance. You’ll notice you have a great deal of control at all speed. If the boost gets you into trouble, the brake should get you out of it.

InnerSpace Screenshot - Astral Key 00

Astral Key

This is built from an exotic, impressive material I’ve never encountered before. I was able to grant you increased control in this airframe. You’ll find turning to be a breeze. Navigating the narrow mazes of the Inverse should prove to be much less difficult. It's in the narrow spaces where we find the most relics. Always be searching!