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Raging Justice Is Getting Ready to Smash Its Way to Xbox One

We’re MakinGames, husband and wife duo, Nic and Anna Makin, who along with help from Jay Howse (art) and Steve Burke (sound/music) have created Raging Justice, our tribute to the gratifyingly brutal, side-scrolling brawlers we grew up with in the early 90s.

We’re all good mates from the days when we worked at the UK game studio Rare. It’s taken years of hard graft, juggling all our “spare” hours around work and children, to turn our initial idea into a game… that’s going to be launching on Xbox One with help from our friends at Team 17!

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Back when we came up with the idea on one of our awesomely cheesy Van Damme vs Seagal film nights, we never dreamt it was going to turn into such a big project. We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating a homage to a genre we feel so passionately about.

Just like the classic action films we love, Raging Justice throws you straight into the action as bad-ass cops Nikki Rage and Rick Justice. Your car is attacked on the way to rescuing the mayor from a gang of merciless thugs, so you have no choice but to fight your way through the criminal underworld of Big Smoke City. With intense co-op carnage, an insane arsenal of weapons and bone-crunching combat to boot, get ready for all-out destruction!

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Punch, kick and brawl your way through adrenaline pumping 2D chaos. With the incorporation of the new arrest warrant mechanic, multiple endings, and a plethora of challenges, the stakes have been raised. Choose between playing by the book, dazing and arresting your enemies… or literally mowing them down with a lawnmower, as you gear-up as a bad cop and deliver your own devastating style of justice.

To stay true to our original vision, we’ve used unusual techniques to retain the feel of a classic 2D brawler, while updating the visuals to high definition 3D renders. Even the sound has been retooled — it’s got the old-school vibe but with surround sound.

Raging Justice Screenshot

We’re proud of how Raging Justice plays; it’s key to our vision. We wanted a game that felt how we remembered classic brawlers played, rather than how they actually played, with faster, varied and more responsive gameplay. We want you to be fully immersed, feeling every punch, every explosion, every second of nostalgia-fuelled action!

Whether you’re a veteran brawler or a newbie to the genre, Raging Justice is easy to pick up and play. With intuitive controls, you’re thrown straight into the action so you’ll soon be throwing punches with (or at if you’re not careful) your mates.

Follow us @makingames on Twitter or MakinGames on Facebook for the exciting last part of our journey as we get ready for launch! We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!