World of Tanks 4th Anniversary Small Image

World of Tanks 4-Year Anniversary on Xbox One

This is a very exciting time of year for Wargaming, as we are celebrating World of Tanks’ 4-year Xbox Anniversary!

On February 12, 2014, World of Tanks launched exclusively to Xbox 360 bringing massive 15v15 tank battles to console for the first time. Over the years, the game has evolved to bring tank warfare to gamers across the Xbox One family of devices with hundreds of content and graphic enhancements over the years.

Originally, the game launched with 100 tanks from Germany, United States, and United Kingdom and has since grown to include over 660 tanks from nine different nations! One of the largest updates to date centered around creating the game for Xbox One X. We wanted to make sure the game took full advantage of what the new console offered. So, tankers can now get in on the action in full 4K with HDR support and enjoy the game at a steady 30fps with tanks looking and playing better than ever on Xbox One X.

To celebrate World of Tanks’ 4-year anniversary and to say thank you to our players, Wargaming is kicking off a series of in-game bonuses & events throughout February. First, players will be receiving a free Ashigaru Te-Ke from Wargaming for logging into the game and winning a match during the anniversary. Additional in-game bonuses will be awarded for playing over the anniversary weekend. This includes x5 experience for the first win and additional tiered-experience multipliers for completing the War Party chained bonus with each additional win along with discounts on Premium Time.

Wargaming will also work with the passionate World of Tanks community to compile personal testimonial videos of their experience with the game over the years. We’re excited to kick off this project with our players to share our combined passion for the game. If you’re a tanker who wishes to join in our collaboration video, please find more details on the project here on the official World of Tanks console forum to share your voice! If your video is selected, you will receive an additional gift tank for participating.

I want to extend a huge thank you to all our players who have joined us over the years across the Xbox One family of devices. It’s been a fun journey and we look forward to many more years of tanking with you. See you on the battlefield!

For more details on the game and anniversary events, visit the official World of Tanks console forum.