Xenon Valkyrie+ Hero Image

Punishing Platformer Roguelike Xenon Valkyrie+ Available Now on Xbox One

A few months ago, I was contacted by a Spanish game developer, Daniel Fernandez Chavez (Diabolical Mind), who had created an interesting game for the PC. Considering we use the same middleware (GameMaker Studio), he figured I could port and publish his game on consoles. I accepted!

Xenon Valkyrie+ is a platformer roguelike in the same vein as Spelunky, with a sci-fi twist involving RPG elements such as experience levels, items, and equipment. Choose between three characters with special abilities to survive through the randomly-generated levels, talk with NPCs to progress through the story and be one of the few players to see all the multiple endings. You’ll need as much experience as possible to defeat those giant bosses!

Xenon Valkyrie+ Screenshot

This is a punishing game with old-school gameplay and pixel art, as well as three optional graphical filters (including two CRT TV filters for a true early 90’s experience!)

I didn’t just port the game – this is a revamped version of the original PC release with vastly improved gameplay. For example, you can now use your gun and hit enemies with your sword by pressing dedicated buttons (instead of switching back and forth) This and many other improvements make it the definitive version of Xenon Valkyrie – hence the “+” in the title!

Xenon Valkyrie+ Screenshot

To make sure everyone can enjoy the game, I asked translators I knew from my Demetrios project to help make it available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.) I hope you’ll enjoy the game!