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Retro-Future Survival Management Game Symmetry Now Available on Xbox One

The first time we thought about creating Symmetry was during one evening when we played a board game called “K2,” in which the main goal was to ascend the mountain summit and bring the whole team back to the base safely. Once we mixed the concept with our love to sci-fi themes, we could begin our work.

At first, we gave the game a working title Furnace, a while later it was changed to The Last Day. It was only in pre-alpha development stage that we came up with the name Symmetry, that really stuck with us and was a perfect fit.

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Before the first public display of the early Symmetry version, which happened on Poznan Game Arena in 2016, we decided that we’re going to leave the fate of our project in people’s hands. If they’d like it, we would continue to work on it. If not, we would close the project down. We were very humbled and lucky that we had such incredibly positive feedback from that trade fair show. It really boosted our morale and from that point on, we had no doubts about the direction of development.

In the early stage, all the graphics assets were in vectors, which enabled us to launch Symmetry in 4K without any quality loss at all. In the end, we had to work on bitmaps, as some shaders had to be added up.

We had many interesting and fun moments during the development of the game. I remember this one time I was talking out in public on my phone, coming back from our publisher office where we conducted Symmetry gameplay tests. I called my colleague Daniel and I told him what bugs we still encountered. “Hey, man, the dead body is lying underneath the fridge, while the person standing next to it is waiting to eat it up.” Suddenly I noticed people all around me got really perplexed and alarmed, giving me highly disturbed looks.

In our studio, each person is a fan of a different gaming genre. In the end, I think this is what allows us to create a unique production, as every one of us is bringing something interesting to the table. It really is an extraordinary moment for us, to see our first console title come to a release!